Corp reorganization/restructuring

Corporate reorganization and restructuring services

Necessary skill for reorganizations
In the technique called corporate reorganization (group reorganization) and restructuring (group restructuring), there are merger, share split, share exchange, business transfer and M & A.
We determine the best way for our client, not only by current situation but also the consideration of future forecast from various perspectives, such as legal, finance, accounting, tax and labor issue.
CS Accounting, taking advantage of the know-how that has been providing a service focused on accounting and human resources to thousands of corporate clients, provides the analysis of financial risk, and the corporate restructuring & reorganization advice with a variety of techniques. CS Accounting is affiliated with the Hongo Tsuji Tax & Consulting Corporation and social insurance labor consultant corporation CSHR.
DD (due diligence)
CS Accounting, by taking advantage of the know-how that has been involved in the client's various industries from the aspect of accounting outsourcing, by the team of professional staff, mainly CPA and licensed tax accountant who are familiar with the accounting practice, examines the target company's assets of the degradation, the presence of non-performing assets, under-recording of debt, capacity utilization differences in facility, reliance on key customers, the discovery of significant off-balance sheet debt, financial risk analysis of the presence or absence of guaranteed debt & contingent liabilities. (Financial due diligence)
CS Accounting provides the risk analysis (labor due diligence) for HR perspective, the analysis of the architecture of accounting systems and the analysis on the status of maintenance on internal control.
Outsourcing after reorganization
Upon request of clients, CS Accounting provides advice on the efficiency & restructuring of back-office work (accounting/tax/human resource/cash management) and bulk outsourcing of the work after M & A and reorganization. The outsourcing makes easier to control after the reorganization, and makes the management burden on the anti-fraud of embezzlement, etc. to be reduced.
※ Hongo Tsuji Tax & Consulting Corporation provides tax service, the social insurance labor consultant corporation CSHR provides social insurance service.
Corporate reorganization/restructuring Corporate reorganization/restructuring