Audit service

Audit service

We provide a variety of audit services in finance such as the audit service of financial statements based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Companies Act
We provide an efficient and high-quality audit with an understanding of the client's situation with responding to social demands in the conduct of business, with a rigorous audit.
Note) Hongo CPA firm provides audit services.

Internal audit outsourcing services
The importance of internal audit has been growing in recent years because the society of interest increases for compliance and internal control of companies. We support the implementation of internal audit, if necessary along with the construction support of internal control evaluation system and internal auditing system.

For internal audit outsourcing, we provide the development of audit procedures, the drawing up the audit plan, the implementation of the audit, the construction of a series of mechanisms leading to the report and the support of your IT control.

We coordinate with the internal division of the company and support the implementation of the internal audit by focusing on the part which the company wishes to internal audit outsourcing
Note) Hongo CPA firm provides audit service.