The feature of CS's services

CS Accounting has received high praise from its customers by providing the one-stop service of the accounting, tax, purchasing management, sales management, payroll, social insurance and relating consulting.

You can take advantage of the accounting, tax and HR one-stop outsourcing by CS Accounting with enough outsourcing effect, because CS Accounting takes over business processes in a batch, except for the custody of cash, bills & checks, contact correspondence for document with CS Accounting, negotiation with bank and the final decision for accounting and tax policy.

CS Accounting will support the advancement of clients which seek the reduction of costs, the improvement of operational efficiency and the realization of high performance

One-stop outsourcing One-stop outsourcing

Accounting outsourcing is a wide range, because the core competency of each of the business is significantly different. Therefore, it is said that collective outsourcing to one company is very difficult. It is a big challenge to make multiple outsourcers effectively work together. If a client cannot use multiple outsourcers effectively, the introduction effect of outsourcing is not sufficient.

CS Accounting, with a variety of professional staff like a certified public accountant, a licensed tax accountant, and a social insurance labor consultant, etc., takes the cooperation in-house, directly involves in your business and is able to build and deliver collectively the whole integrity and high quality outsourcing services

Speedy services

The accounting and tax one-stop outsourcing, which entrusts all of the accounting business, such as journal entries, tax returns filing, payroll calculation and payment business , supports your company's accounting function to smooth and speedy. In addition, accounting cloud services that can be shared accounting data online provides real-time information. CS Accounting provides the financial results at an early stage including to tax and tax effect calculation.

High proficiency

CS Accounting, with the professional staff of about 200 people in the whole group, including such as certified public accountants, licensed tax accountants and social insurance labor consultant, will correspond directly to your business.

CS Accounting, affiliated with one of Japan's leading large scale Hongo Tsuji Tax & Consulting Corporation, and social insurance labor consultant corporation CSHR which is composed of social insurance specialist, has comprehensively provided the high quality of service collectively.

High proficiency High proficiency

High stability

CS Accounting, qualified the international standard for information security ISO27001 and Report of the auditing firm on the improvement and operation of internal controls related to the outsourced business (No. 18 audit TYPE1), performs business operations with a reliable risk management system Also CS Accounting takes appropriate measures for information leakage risks and internal control risk. Therefore, with confidence all the business you can leave.

isms_bsi mark iso27001:2013 isms_bsi mark iso27001:2013

CS Accounting provides accounting, tax and HR one-stop outsourcing as the tailor-made type of outsourcing combination that you can customize a variety of services along your needs.

CS Accounting offers the greatest achievements in accounting, tax and HR one-stop outsourcing by supporting your needs directly.


CS Accounting, as a member firm within Leading Edge Alliance, provides high quality services of accounting, tax and specialist advisoty.