Payroll/social insurance services

Payroll and social insurance services

CS Accounting has partnered with social insurance labor consultant corporation CSHR and provides the outsourcing of payroll and social insurance procedures in a lump. CS Accounting performs the one-stop preparation of payroll information and accounting journal processing.

The payroll outsourcing includes the followings.

Time card counting processing services
For the customers of small number of up to 20 staffs, CS Accounting aggregates and creates the data to be reflected on the payroll based on the time card. For the customers with more than 50 staffs, CS Accounting provides the ASP services. The ASP is the service to use the payroll software for the user from remote via the internet.
Salary and bonus calculation processing services
CS Accounting provides the salaries and bonuses calculation with registering personal information and reflecting the change information and attendance information. CS Accounting corresponds to various time unit price setting and prorated at the time of join and retirement. CS Accounting performs the EB transmit procedure and JBA data creation after the payroll calculation.
The preparation and sending out of salary statements and various forms
CS Accounting creates payroll calculation result data and issues salary statements. CS Accounting can send salary statements to each site.
The notification and updating of withholding inhabitant tax
CS Accounting provides the preparation and submission of inhabitant tax change notification, the process of June update, data creation, updating calculation and also encapsulate work.
Year-end adjustment service
For year-end adjustment service, CS Accounting provides the preparation of the various declarations, performs compilation, calculation and confirmation of necessary items upon declaration recovery. CS Accounting processes these information to be reflected to the salary.
CS Accounting corresponds to the preparation and filing annual withholding tax report and payroll report after the year-end adjustment.
The optional services of salary relating
CS Accounting performs the gross-up calculation based on the net payable amount. CS Accounting provides a monthly salary and bonuses amount simulation. CS Accounting creates the data for payroll journal in response to the request.
It is also possible for CS Accounting to prepare the data required for the tax relating filing. CS Accounting also provides the tax calculation of retirement.

The social insurance outsourcing includes the followings.

The monthly work of social insurance
From the join up to the retirement of employees, CS Accounting provides any procedures applied to social insurance, up to the application and notification from paperwork.
[Service examples of monthly work]
Service for join and retirement : the application and notification of social insurance and employment insurance
The report of change (change of family): the application and notification of health insurance
The report of change (name, address): the application and notification of health insurance and welfare pension
The claim of benefit: Any benefit application and notification of health insurance, such as sickness allowance claim, continued employment benefits application and notification (for high age, childcare and nursing care) and the various benefits application and notification of workers' compensation insurance
Others: Preparation for the change notification of standard remuneration for social insurance purposes and the payment notification of bonuses
The annual work of social insurance
In cooperation with the payroll team, CS Accounting provides the preparation and submission of social insurance reports quickly.
[Service examples of annual work]
Filing the return of labor insurance premiums
Preparation for the notification of standard remuneration for social insurance purposes
Duties on the office covered by the social insurance
CS Accounting provides all of the social insurance procedures in associate with the establishment of an office, changing the location & name and the installation of a new branch.
Social insurance optional services
CS Accounting determines the optimal wage for the benefits of old-age pension and employment continuation perspective.
CS Accounting also support for the ruling claims and the entitlements introduction of public pension. Also CS Accounting determines the entitlement for social insurance of part-time employees. CS Accounting prepares the various reports (of employment contract, join and retirement certificate, etc.).
CS Accounting prepares and submits the agreement notice on working overtime and holidays (36 agreements) which needs to be filed annually.
CS Accounting proposes a beneficial procedure way for your company for bulk continuation of accident insurance, etc.
Our social insurance labor consultant gives counsel that corresponds to the laws and regulations. Social insurance labor consultant corporation CSHR provides social insurance services.