Cloud services

Cloud service

CS Accounting offers a secure and reliable cloud service to perform an outsourcing. Taking advantage of abundant know-how and the high skill cultivated in a number of client correspondence, CS Accounting provides the best cloud services. The cloud computing (core system) is a service that rents application software to the client through the internet. The client is possible to access the accounting data in a timely manner even after an outsourcing introduction. CS Accounting offers IT support services (HOME) for a small and medium-sized office for the purpose of "security measures" and "communication improvement".

CS Accounting's data conversion service enables to migrate an accounting data in the current system to the cloud system. Our systems engineers, who have accounting knowledge, will carry out the service. Our client is possible to concentrate on the mastering the operation of new system without worry. The accounting cloud computing is a service that rents accounting application software to a client through the internet.

Followings are introduction of HR information management, attendance and WEB detail cloud service.

A) HR information management cloud service
You can use, through the internet, the human resources information system (Jinji Bugyo) that is installed on our server. You do not need to buy a software at your side.
B) Attendance and WEB detail cloud service
CS Accounting provides the introduction support of cloud attendance system and the delivery service of WEB detail. Upon request CS Accounting will support the attendance system up to be imported into the approval management and payroll system. For WEB detail cloud service, CS Accounting performs the upload of salary detail by the specified date and time after a salary calculation is fixed,
Cloud service Cloud service